I am Here with my Cerebral Palsy

Increasing Social Life Participation and Accession to Rehabilitation of Children and Teenagers with Cerebral Palsy Project

Funding Institution: R.T. Ministry of Development, İstanbul Development Agency

Grant Scheme: Financial Support Program in 2012 to Promote Entrepreneurship, Skills and Future of Children and Teenagers

Implementation Period: December 2012 – November 2013

Period of Project: 12 Months

Project Budget: 927.843 TL

Project Coordinator: Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey - Cerebral Palsy Turkey

Project Partner: İstanbul Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies

I am Here with My Cerebral Palsy project has been successfully implemented in partnership with İstanbul Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies and with the funding provided by İstanbul Development Agency. The purpose of the project was to increase the number of children and teenagers with Cerebral Palsy to have access to rehabilitation, sports, art and other social services.

Within the scope of the project;

  • 15 seminars on 5 different subjects were organized for families.
  • 1992 houses were visited and 524 evaluation forms filled out.
  • Home rehabilitation services were provided to 101 children and teenagers.
  • 63 children and teenagers participated in group workshops.
  • 60 children and teenagers participated in various sports activities and workshops.
  • A home rehabilitation model was developed and presented to relevant public institutions.