Building Bridges for Inclusive Education Project

Grant Provider:  R.T. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union Presidency

Grant Scheme: Civil Society Dialogue between Turkey and the EU (CSD-V)

Duration of the Project: 19 Months (April 2019 – June 2021)

Project Budget: 191.815,15 Euros / 213.127,95 Euros

Project Partners:

  • Inclusion Support Center (Croatia)
  • Praxis Europe (UK)

Project Associate:

  • Istanbul Governorship

Project Outputs: 

  • A status report investigating the causes of the high dropout rates of students in the mainstream education system in Turkey
  • Focus group meetings and fact-finding conference to be organized in order to analyze the current status more accurately
  • A model education program to be designed for guidance teachers to support inclusive students
  • A model education program to be designed for Civil Society Organizations about how inclusive students and their families can be supported in the process
  •  A study visit to be organized for Civil Society Organization employees to examine support models in Croatia
  • A study visit to be organized for counselors to examine practices in the field of inclusive education in the UK
  • An international symposium to be held on the capacity development of inclusive education in Turkey