Act on Personal Data Protection (APDP) Information Letter

Esteemed Foundation Fellow,

As Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey (Foundation), we show sensitivity about the security of your personal data. With this awareness, we attach big importance for processing, preserving and protecting all kinds of personal data of our donators, volunteers and all shareholders, people who are related with the Foundation pursuant to the scope of Act on Personal Data Protection (APDP) numbered 6698, which entered into effect by being published in 7th April, 2016.

You, our valuable donators, volunteers and shareholders, can share your personal data with our Foundation through many channels. Your personal data which you have shared, will be preserved by our Foundation within the scope of this Act and will be processed within the framework of your given approval. Your personal data may be used by us in order to realize communications for the purpose of publicity, thanking, information and announcements about our foundation; to collect and compile statistical information and to develop donation, volunteering, education and advocacy works.

With the full comprehension of this responsibility, we submit for your information that we are processing your personal data within the limits of the following legislation, with the title of "Data Authority", defined in the Act of Personal Data Protection.