Fundraising Projects

The Foundation instigates various resource development projects to ensure that individuals with Cerebral Palsy have access to diagnosis, treatment, special education, rehabilitation and psychological support throughout their lives free of charge.


Steptember was initiated by Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Australia in 2011. The Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey - Cerebral Palsy Turkey became a member of this network as country representative in 2014. The participants are requested to take ten thousand steps and collect donations from their social environment during the campaign organized in September of every year.

Donations collected in the Steptember campaign are used for Evaluation and Direction Support, Early Intervention, Hydrotherapy, Psychological Consultancy, Physiotherapy and Special Education plus educational scholarships.

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This program includes donations to undertake the special education and rehabilitation costs of children with Cerebral Palsy who are in financial need. The donation may cover monthly, quarterly or half yearly therapy costs for a child selected by the Foundation. Upon request, the development of the child is shared with the donator keeping his/her personal information confidential.

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Step by Step

The Foundation organizes a donation campaign by being a party to the Step by Step Charity Run. By collecting donations, the Foundation supports early diagnosis studies and also ensures that more and more children with Cerebral Palsy receive special education and rehabilitation services free of charge.

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