Developmental Evaluation and Guidance Counseling

The program is specifically prepared by physiotherapist, psychologist, special educator, child development specialist and neurologist for infants and children with retarded development or diagnosed as such. The status evaluation of the infant with regard to physical, mental, social and emotional development is based on developmental tests, psychological tests and scales. Following the progress of development regularly, the service ensures early detection of different symptoms, and necessary guidance is provided for families

Tests in Developmental Evaluation and Guidance Counseling process:

  • Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS)
  • General Movement Analysis (GMs)
  • GMFM 88-66
  • GMFCS Gross Motor Function Classification System
  • Denver II Developmental Screening Test
  • AKDE
  • GARS Gilliam Autism Rating Scale
  • Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, Third Edition
  • Personality Tests (Rorschach)
  • BECK Anxiety Inventory
  • BECK Depression Inventory
  • CAT
  • Loisa Düss